Your Rights

Your Rights
P-fac Bargaining Unit members have rights guaranteed by our contract, and in some cases also by federal labor law.  They include:

Academic freedom: Part-time faculty are entitled to the same academic freedom as fulltime faculty. (more)

Access to personnel file: You may see your personnel file once per semester or in case of a grievance, and may have a P-fac representative present. (more)

Evaluation: The current contract, beginning in 2006, specified that the College would develop and implement a “multi-measure” evaluation procedure for part-time faculty.  The college-wide Evaluation Committee (which included two P-fac members) envisioned and developed a proposal that was (more)

Grievances: Any member of the Bargaining Unit may file a grievance if he or she believes the College has violated a provision of the contract.  Not all problems are potential grievances. (more)

Non-interference with union activities
: The contract and federal labor law prohibit interference. (more)

Union leave: A P-fac member representing the union at an IEA/NEA event is allowed leave. (more)

Weingarten rights: Federal law guarantees you may have a P-fac representative present at any meeting which may result in disciplinary action. (more)

Workload: The current contract provides that a faculty member may teach up to 18 credit hours (more)

See also: pages on Appointments, Re-appointments, and Seniority and Remediation, Discipline, and Termination.


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