Why Disaffiliate?

The Many Benefits of Disaffiliating

  • P-FAC will have oversight. As with all private sector unions, P-fac will be regulated by the Department of Labor and the NLRB, and have established effective relationships with both. As an independent union, P-fac will also have a leading labor law firm, Dupres, Schwartz, and Geoghegan, Ltd. on retainer and a licensed, independent CPA to oversee our operations.
  • P-FAC will be stronger, with more focused and immediate support. Our interests will be supported by a law firm, Dupres, Schwartz, and Geoghegan, Ltd that routinely fights for union members’ rights. Most importantly —  they will be P-fac’s lawyers, answerable to our members — not to IEA’s financial or other interests.
  • P-FAC will not be bogged down with time consuming red tape. We will have the time, resources, and support to better serve our members, maintain all records, and make them accessible to the membership — not stored away in an affiliation’s databases. P-fac will be able to swiftly challenge any actions that deviate from our CBA, which we will keep, along with our bylaws (amended to remove IEA/NEA, as we are voting on now).
  • P-FAC will be a truly member-run organization. As P-fac reps discussed in our meetings, an independent P-fac will have the ability and resources to have a truly member-run union, as was envisioned by our founding members. We could hire members to serve on committees and perform much needed support functions to best serve all members.
  • P-FAC will be more transparent. Reps discussed the opportunities for members to have transparent access to databases and financial reports. We will know what’s being done with our dues money.
  • P-FAC will be able to do more for our members.  We will have the resources to develop a hardship fund, a strike fund, certify our reps, pay stipends to members who perform duties in support of the union, and more.

  • P-FAC and USCC will no longer be operating under a conflict of interest. By removing ourselves from IEA, P-fac will be better positioned to challenge the management practices that have compromised our relationship with staff, and to fairly resolve the staff conflict on a level playing field.  P-fac informed IEA several times that we believe ‘managers’ are part of the staff union but to date are still allowed membership.  Many of these same managers are leading the IEA campaign to defeat our disaffiliation effort.


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