P-fac Benefits

The contract and/or other agreements with the College provide for benefits to part-time faculty as follows:

• Course cancellation fee (VIII,7): You will be paid $100 if a class you have accepted is cancelled for low enrollment, or given to another faculty member.

• Paid sick day (VIII,3): You are entitled to one paid sick day per semester. Be sure to follow your department’s notification procedures.

• Transportation: Part-time faculty are eligible for the same public transportation (CTA, Pace, Metra,  or South Shore) and/or parking benefits as fulltime faculty and staff, and may sign up at any time.  These benefits save money because they are paid with pre-tax dollars—income that is not counted as income for tax purposes. You need to sign up during the first five days of a month to have benefits begin the month after you sign up. LINK?

• TIAA-CREF: Faculty may elect payroll deduction of pre-tax dollars to invest in this retirement program focused on public service employees, including teachers.  You must contact TIAA-CREF directly www.tia-cref.org  to select a plan, as well as filling out a form at Columbia Human Resources.  LINK?.

• Payment for meetings and in-service education (VIII,6): minimum of $25 session.

• Payment for course and curriculum design, and other assignments (VIII, 8,9).

• Tuition remission (Appendix III): this applies to undergraduate classes only (despite P-fac’s repeated attempt to include graduate classes).  The faculty member, a spouse, or child may use this benefit. (more)

• Professional Development Fund (XII,2): For the past several years, the Provost’s Office has allocated $20,000 annually for part-time faculty professional development, with a $1000 maximum per applicant.  Creating art or film projects, traveling to conferences, covering publication costs, and other professional endeavors are covered (but not personal work time).  Applicants should send a complete description of the project, its academic/artistic/professional goals, and the costs to the Center for Teaching Excellence. http://www.colum.edu/CTE/


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