No-hire List

A Bargaining Unit member who fails to pay dues (or the equivalent agency fee) will be placed on a “no hire list” for the following semester. (III,1B) This is part of the contractual guarantee that P-fac will be the collective bargaining agent for part-time faculty, and the College may not hire part-time faculty “outside the system” by allowing them not to pay union dues.
If you are on the no-hire list, it always means that you owe dues for a past semester, not the current semester. You will receive notices from the Treasurer and should contact him or her to ask questions, make payments, and be removed from the list.

Occasionally there are errors in the lists provided to P-fac by the College or in P-fac’s records, and of course you should contact the Treasurer with copies of proof of payment if this occurs. However, it is far more common that busy faculty have simply forgotten to pay, misunderstood the dues-paying process, or mistakenly believed that the payroll deduction form was retroactive.
To avoid the no-hire list if you pay by check (or online by credit card) make sure you have paid dues before August 1 for fall semester, and before December 15 for spring semester. P-fac recommends signing up for automatic payroll deduction as the easiest way to remain current with dues.


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