NEA Medicare Supplements

NEA Makes Selecting A Medicare Supplement Program Easy!

• Benefits automatically increase to cover Medicare’s gaps.
• You choose the doctors and hospital you want.
• Rates will not increase because of your age.
• Spouse coverage available.
• No waiting period if you switch from another plan

 The NEA MemberCare Medicare Supplement Pharmacy Benefit Card 

(Only available for members in a Plan Option H, I or J that includes prescription benefits, not available for applicants after Dec 31st, 2005.)*

Here are the advantages of this Pharmacy Benefit Card:
• It’s a simple way to use your Medicare Supplement prescription benefit
• Go to any of 56,000 retail drug stores or order by phone, by mail or online
• Receive negotiated discounts
• No paperwork, no claims to submit
• Pay only your portion of the cost
• No waiting for you 50% reimbursement on prescription drugs
• No added cost or shipping charges for home delivery when using mail order
• FDA-approved drugs
• Includes processing for V.A. drug claims
• All this at no additional cost to you!

Using the Pharmacy Benefit Card is easy 
When you purchase your medication from a network provider, you pay just 50%, up to your benefit maximum, after you’ve met your $250 deductible. There are no claim forms to complete.
You can have your prescription filled at a participating retail store or online
You can also place orders by phone or mail. No matter how you do it, you pay 50 % of the drug cost after your deductible and the NEA Members Insurance Trust pays the balance through your Pharmacy Benefit Card.

Get More From Your Prescription Benefit
 with your Pharmacy Benefit card from

Savings. Convenience. Reliable Information.
As a participant, these are just a few of the things you’ll find at, a personalized website offered through Express Scripts, your NEA MemberCare Medicare Supplement Program prescription drug manager. Express Scripts’ website provides the quality, dependability, and customer service you expect with the online tools you need:
• See what you’ll pay for a specific drug and discover ways to save.
• Locate participating retail pharmacies near you.
• Order refills and track the status of your order online.
• Check your pharmacy benefit coverage and verify coverage for eligible dependents.
• Review your 12-month prescription history.
Start managing your prescription benefit online today; it’s quick, easy, and secure.

Click here to go online at

Plan Benefits
The benefit maximum available to cover your prescription drug purchases is ruled by the plan benefits for the plan in which you are enrolled: Plan H, Plan I, or Plan J. For plan benefits, click here. You have one $250 deductible to meet each calendar year. This and your benefit maximum will be tracked automatically for you and you’ll know immediately when you’ve met it. And even after you’ve reached your benefit maximum, you’ll still receive discounts on your prescription drugs when you use your Pharmacy Benefit Card!

Non-Participating Providers
If you cannot find a provider in your area, and do not wish to use the mail order service, or if you have purchased prescription medicine outside the USA, your claim will still need to be processed by Express Scripts to receive your benefit under Plan Option H, I or J.

Be sure to include the following information so your claim will not be delayed:
1. An Express Scripts claim form
2. Receipts showing the date dispensed
3. The Rx number
4. The quantity of medicine purchased
5. The number of days’ supply
6. The amount paid
7. Paid in US dollars, paid in Canadian dollars, paid in “Euros”, etc
8. Your signature

If the receipt is from a foreign country, please indicate if the amount shown is in foreign currency or American dollars.

Click here to obtain a claim form for non-participating providers.
Best Benefits Discounts
Participants in a Plan Option H, I or J will also receive the Best Benefits Discount Card.

Click here for more information about Best Benefits Card.
The Pharmacy Benefit Card may not be used in conjunction with any other prescription drug/discount plan.

* The pharmacy benefit card does not meet the requirements of creditable coverage as required by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. If you do not apply for an approved Medicare Part D Program when first eligible and choose to do so later, you will likely pay a significant penalty. See the “Medicare and You 2009 booklet” for additional information.


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