Governance provisions of the contract allow P-fac members to participate in the business of the union–local, state, regional, and national– and of Columbia College via its departments and schools, and through College Council and its committees.  Participation in governance gives part-time faculty individual and collective voices in college and union affairs.

Department representatives: Every department at Columbia is entitled to one representative per ten faculty (or a minimum of one for smaller departments).  Departments may hold elections each (more)

Steering Committee: The Steering Committee consists of seven officers, elected each fall, who take office each spring.  Each fall, the entire membership votes for four officers.  The top four vote-getters (more)

P-fac meetings: P-fac always holds an all-membership meeting in November to announce any Steering Committee election results and update members on issues of concern.  There is also at least (more)

Committees: P-fac and its membership select members to serve on various committees. These appointments are paid and usually last for two years.



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