Full Membership

After a new adjunct completes one semester at Columbia, he/she is eligible to join the bargaining agreement. Full membership is not automatic. New members should fill out a membership form to become a full member. There are many advantages to being a full member:
  • You become an integral and valued member of P-fac — an independent labor union with a voice in setting employment and instructional policy at Columbia College.
  • You are entitled to the full backing, support and legal protection of your union. This enables you to receive legal advice and counsel from the law firm we have retained to help us with all legal questions.
  •  You are entitled to vote in all elections to determine the leadership of your union. You will have a voice in how your union is run and also a voice in setting union policies, dues and other issues.
  •  You are entitled to run for leadership positions in your union.
  •  You are entitled to serve on the curriculum committee in your department as well as other committees. These are paid positions. For a three-hour meeting or less, you are paid $75. For a meeting that exceeds three hours, you are paid $125.

To become a full member, fill out the membership form that will be sent to you by P-fac. If you do not receive one, contact P-fac. Members are encouraged to have their dues automatically deducted. This makes your dues payment easy and regular. Your dues are deducted by the college payroll office and forwarded to P-fac. In order to do this, you will need to provide P-fac and the college payroll office your contact information and Social Security number.



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