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The Part-Time Faculty Association, P-fac, is the union representing the interests of part-time faculty at Columbia College Chicago. Part-time faculty teach the majority of classes at Columbia and are deeply committed to the quality of students’ education. They bring professional expertise into the classroom; many are high achievers in media arts, fine arts, arts management, and other fields. Columbia was founded as a college where part-time faculty would be honored for their dedication to their students and their professions.
P-fac works for better pay, improved working conditions, more job security, and fair treatment of part-time faculty. As the collective bargaining agent for Columbia part-timers, it negotiates contracts with the College administration. It also works constantly to ensure the contract is correctly and fairly implemented, and to help part-time faculty in numerous informal ways in cases when issues and needs arise. P-fac seeks to keep part-time faculty informed of their rights and opportunities, and to make sure the administration, full-time faculty, staff, and students are kept aware of the valuable contributions our members make to the College.


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