Dispute Over FT Staff Teaching Continues

In a legal update, the full-time staff continue to press their efforts to force their way into P-fac, despite the fact that they are excluded by the plain terms of P-fac’s contract.
This is the third attempt the staff had made to get “back door” preferential membership in P-fac.  The first was through coercion from IEA.  The second was an outright attempt by US of CC to set itself up as a competing union with P-fac.  After each of those attempts was defeated, full-time staff resorted to filing a charge that P-fac breached its “duty of fair representation” to them.  
In reality, there is no way P-fac could breach that duty.  Full-time staff are “represented” by their own union.  P-fac has not represented and therefore had no duty to agree to recognize their rights, rights that would be adverse to current P-fac members.  While the Labor Board clearly wants to resolve this issue, and P-fac is open to an equitable resolution, we remain committed to fighting for our rights.
What is disappointing is that neither the staff nor the Labor Board has even tried to use the lawful means for adjusting P-fac’s membership to include full-time staff.  We will hold them both to the requirements of the law in support of your continued right to teach.  We expect more updates in the coming weeks on this important fight for adjunct equity.


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