P-fac Sends Info Request to College

P-fac’s attorney has sent an information request to Columbia College’s labor attorney regarding CCC’s new relationship with Harrington College of Design. The letter requests information about employment agreements with any former Harrington employee. It also asks how many Harrington students have enrolled at CCC. It seeks any letters between CCC and Harrington regarding employment. The letter asks for any agreement between CCC and Harrington related to education, employment or the transfer of Harrington assets or liabilities to CCC. The letter also asks if Harrington students will be enrolled at CCC or whether they will still be enrolled at Harrington and also whether there will be separate courses at CCC for Harrington students. Also, the letter asks if Harrington faculty will teach at CCC and whether the courses will be open to other than Harrington students. Finally, the letter calls upon CCC not to hold courses for Harrington faculty, which would be in violation of the current contract between CCC and P-fac.


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